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Chariot Identify
Attack Surface Management

Is your organization struggling to catalog and secure its expanding and dynamic Internet footprint? Meet Chariot Identify. Your attack surface management workhorse.

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World Map Attack Surface

Protecting a Dynamic Footprint from Constant Attack. A Monumental Task.

The rapid adoption of SaaS, Cloud, and DevOps technologies have created dynamic attack surfaces of constantly changing risks and blind spots. These technologies have expanded an organization's attack surface footprint and created a moving target by exponentially increasing the rate of change seen in modern digital environments as assets spin up, down, and move around. As attack surfaces grow and change dramatically, the rise in opportunistic attacks (such as ransomware) further exacerbates the problem. The recent log4j vulnerability was a testament to how important it is to understand your attack surface.

Defending against attackers is a 24/7 job ...
on terrain that is constantly changing.

  • 9% of orgs believe they actively monitor 100% of their external attack surface

    Source: ESG

  • 46% of orgs state continuous monitoring is the biggest cyber management challenge

    Source: ESG

  • 69% of orgs respond to attacks that start with an unknown/unmanaged Internet asset

    Source: ESG

  • 70% of breaches are perpetrated by external threat actions

    Source: Verizon

  • 80% of Internet honeypots are compromised within 24 hours of deployment

    Source: Palo Alto Networks

Chariot Identify maps and ultimately reduces your Internet attack surface

Chariot Identify continuously discovers Internet-facing assets and flags security exposures that could lead to a compromise.

As the world's most advanced attack surface discovery platform, Chariot provides continuous, comprehensive, and contextual assets discovery by coupling our attacker, zero knowledge perspective with defender, system knowledge understanding. This unique outside-in and inside-out approach draws on the adversarial expertise of our team and couples it with the major advantage that defenders have over attackers — environment knowledge. By integrating with your cloud environments, source code managers, container registries, asset workloads, and ci/cd pipelines, Chariot is made aware of new assets in real-time, is able to query asset catalogs, and can contextualize the relationships between assets.

When Chariot Identify is coupled with Chariot Attack, ongoing penetration testing is made affordable through asset discovery automation and targeted testing cycles that focus on environmental change.

Discover your attack surface now with Chariot Identify.

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