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About Praetorian

We help our customers minimize the likelihood of compromise by using an adversarial perspective to uncover material risks the same way attackers do.

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Keeping our customers several steps ahead of attackers.

Praetorian is an offensive cybersecurity company whose mission is to prevent breaches before they occur. Praetorian applies an offensive filter to help organizations optimize and prioritize their cybersecurity budget on the initiatives that yield the greatest material risk reduction for the fewest dollars spent.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to prevent breaches before they occur.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to create a future without compromise.

  • Our Approach

    We protect customers by emulating attackers.

We Are United by These Core Values

  • Customer first.

    We operate in service to them.

  • Make craters.

    Find purpose and meaning through impactful work.

  • Performance matters.

    The stakes are high in cybersecurity.

  • Default to open.

    Bias towards hard truths over easy outs.

  • Be humble.

    Constantly pressure test your opinions, convictions, and believability.

  • Follow your passion.

    We do our best work when we are doing what we love.

We are bringing
together the world’s
security expertise

  • A concentration of adversarial security expertise

    Highly technical engineers and developers with deep security expertise.

  • Powered by an engineering culture.

    Our services professionals are security engineers, not consultants. To us, that means real work, real value.

  • Driven to innovate across technology.

    We're building next-generation solutions that give our customers a helping hand in protecting themselves.

  • Determined to have an impact and make craters

    We are trusted partners devoted to improving the security of our customers.

Expertise at our core

Our people are the top 1%—computer scientists, software engineers, and computer engineers along with the occasional physicist and mathematician that are industry recognized security researchers, open source developers, public speakers, and peer reviewed authors.

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