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About Praetorian

Praetorian is a cybersecurity solutions company offering unparalleled expertise to our clients through software and services.

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We help today's leading organizations gain confidence that their place in the next wave of innovation is secured.

Praetorian is a cybersecurity solutions company whose mission is to make the digital world safer and more secure. Through expertise and engineering, Praetorian helps today's leading organizations solve complex cybersecurity problems across critical enterprise assets and product portfolios. From the Cloud to IoT, we are bringing together the world's security expertise to solve the cybersecurity problem and secure the next-wave innovation.

  • Our Approach

    First we find, then we fix, then we stop, then we solve.

  • Our Vision

    To solve the cybersecurity problem.

  • Our Mission

    To make the world a safer and more secure place.

We Are United by These Core Values

  • Put the customer first.

    Everything else will work itself out.

  • Default to open.

    Bias toward brutal truth over hypocritical politeness.

  • Orient to action.

    Make decisions. Make mistakes. Just take the initiative.

  • Lean into discomfort.

    Growth and innovation comes from tension and change.

  • Be humble.

    Constantly pressure test your opinions, convictions, and believability.

  • Yes, and...

    Start with yes by encouraging new ideas and expanding on them.

  • Follow your passion.

    If your vocation is your avocation, You Will never work a day in your life.

  • Make craters.

    Find success and meaning through impactful work.

  • Performance matters.

    This is a small company trying to do big things. Every individual effort counts.

  • Try harder.

    Failure is inevitable, but fortitude will prevail. Nothing is impossible.

  • Struggle and celebrate together.

    Everything we do, we do as a team.

We are bringing
together the world’s
security expertise

  • A collective of security expertise

    Highly technical engineers and developers with deep security expertise.

  • Powered by an engineering culture.

    Our services professionals are security engineers, not consultants. To us, that means real work, real value.

  • Driven to innovate across technology.

    We're building next-generation software solutions to help solve the cybersecurity problem.

  • Determined to have an impact and make craters

    Our mission is long-term and unwavering.

We are trusted experts devoted to advancing the field of cybersecurity

Our people are the top 1%—software developers, computer scientists, and electrical engineers recognized as researchers, open source developers, speakers, and authors. Our enthusiasm for security is tangible and is a major reason our team stays together—another benefit to our clients who value having consistency in service delivery year after year.

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