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employees working from home

Do what you love.

We are bringing together the world's security expertise to solve the cybersecurity problem.

We love solving problems, and have an obsessive need to delight each client.

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We Are United by These
Core Values

  • Put the customer first.

    Everything else will work itself out.

  • Make craters.

    Create impact through mission.

  • Follow your passion.

    Do what you love and do it well.

  • Performance matters.

    Set the standard to match the stakes in cyber.

  • Default to open.

    Don't sugarcoat hard truths.

  • Be humble.

    Question your opinions, convictions, and believability.

  • Yes, and...

    Respond with yes to encourage new ideas.

  • 10X not 10%.

    Solution in radical disruption over incremental thinking.

Our HQ is in Austin…

Praetorian is a company that has grown over the years into one of the most respected leaders in cybersecurity. One of the lessons we’ve learned, particularly through the COVID pandemic, is that it’s the strength and integrity of our team that defines us, not the location of our employees.

…but we are a remote-first company, with employees throughout the world.

Today, our employees live and work in time zones all over the world from New York, to London, to Dubai, to Singapore. We work hard to ensure our employees feel able to do their jobs effectively and part of a team, no matter where you call home.


  • Elgin

    Staff Security Engineer Singapore
  • Omar

    Senior Security Engineer Dubai
  • Mario

    Senior Security Engineer Madrid
  • Derya

    Senior Security Engineer Austin
  • Antionette

    Manager Washington D.C.
  • Peter

    VP Engineering San Francisco
Join the Team

The Benefits of

Working at Praetorian

  • benefits

    Health Benefits.

    We cover 90% of premiums for employees and 60% for dependents. We also offer free vision and dental plans plus HSA and FSA options.

  • community

    Community Matters.

    Our ways of staying connected have changed. But we haven't missed a beat, from virtual trivia nights to weekly celebrations.

  • competitive salary

    401(k) Plan.

    Using Vestwell, you get to choose how and where you invest your money. Praetorian will match your nest egg at 4%.

  • passion

    Passion with a Purpose.

    We aim to help make the world a safer and more secure place. From pacemakers to self-driving cars, our solutions save lives.

  • results

    Ever Evolving.

    A major benefit to working at Pretorian is the breadth and depth of the team around you and the opportunity to pursue your own development. We provide individual training budgets that allows you to be in the drivers seat of your development.

  • 50% our target for diversity this year.
  • 7 the number of consecutive years we've been awarded a place on the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list.
  • 12 the number of years Praetorian has been in business.
  • 64 our employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

As we grow, so does our continued commitment to diversity.

Cybersecurity, and the broader tech industry, suffers from a lack of diversity. We are problem solvers, so we're tackling diversity and inclusion with the same rigor and care that we bring to solving the cybersecurity problem.

As Praetorian grows, so does our continued commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our diversity and inclusion committee leads our efforts to ensure everyone feels included, respected, and celebrated.

Beyond our employees, we aspire to help realize a robust, diverse talent pool to support our industry’s growth. In addition to supporting diversity within our company, we actively seek ways to promote STEM learning in primary, secondary, and tertiary schools. We also offer our employees a donation matching program, to support the many great programs and causes that our employees support.

Praetorian has probably had the most number of women of any other security company I’ve worked with.
Rinki Sethi CISO, Twitter

The vision that drives our journey.

Nathan Sportsman

Chief Executive Officer
Learn more about Nathan

It can be accepted as a new axiom that the importance of security will continue to increase as technology continues to extend.

It’s a brave new world where security, as one of the great technical challenges of our day, presents unending opportunity to do real and permanent good.

In a fragmented market of failed security land grabs and constant exits, we set out to claim our future while others sell theirs short. Picked up by the straps of our boots, we enter on our own terms. We create something where nothing existed — a company to call our own.

Our mission is long term and absolute. We will bring together the world's security expertise to solve this fascinating problem. We are the security experts.

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