How 2U Improves Incident Response Preparedness with Executive Tabletop Exercises Led by Praetorian

Incident Response Services

Assess and strengthen enterprise incident response processes and procedures

Detect attackers operating in your networks with proactive threat hunting

Improve incident response preparedness through executive tabletop exercises

Identify the extent of a breach, clean it up as quickly as possible, and prevent attacker re-entry

Strengthening enterprise incident response processes and procedures

The security team of 2U, Inc., a global leader in education technology, speaks about the ways they worked with Praetorian to exercise, assess, and improve their entire team’s ability to respond effectively to cybersecurity incidents.

2U partners with great colleges and universities to build the world’s best digital education. Its platform provides a comprehensive fusion of technology, services and data architecture to transform high-quality and rigorous campus-based universities into the best digital versions of themselves.

A Collaborative Effort Towards Better Incident Response Procedures

“I have done past table top exercises before, but nothing at this scale or level of collaboration. The collaboration between Praetorian and 2U was fantastic and like nothing I’ve ever seen before,” said Eiwe Lingefors, vice president of cybersecurity at 2U.

Praetorian was brought in by 2U to assess and strengthen its overall enterprise incident response processes and procedures.

“One of the most exciting things was the level of participation that we had from all of our team including our C-suite. It really presents a realistic scenario from beginning to end how a breach would occur.”


Praetorian analyzed 2U’s incident response readiness and effectiveness throughout the course of the table top simulation and provided recommendations for continuing to strengthen 2U’s incident response capabilities over time.

“They don’t see their job as to come into the room and scare everyone, their job is to show and teach. We all learned a lot and had a lot of fun. It was one of the most fantastic tech experiences I’ve had,” said James Kenigsberg, founding chief technology officer at 2U. “I would definitively recommend Praetorian to my colleagues I’m pretty succinct in my compliments, but Praetorian was a top notch team,” he added.

“They are industry leaders in what they do. On the tabletop side, on the penetration testing side, I knew that if I brought in Praetorian I would get exactly what I was looking for and more”


Make Incident Response Tabletop Exercises part of your corporate security journey

Praetorian provides leverage and expertise across every phase of the incident response lifecycle to help your organization better prepare for, hunt, and respond to cybersecurity attacks.

Leverage executive tabletop exercises designed to practice and improve your organization’s ability to respond to real-world incidents. We will assess, test, and improve existing incident response plans, or help you start from scratch.

Discover attackers operating undetected in your networks with Praetorian’s proactive threat hunting services. Take action to close the inevitable security gap that exists between initial intrusion and first detection.

Recover from a breach quickly by investigating, containing, and eradicating malicious activity. We provide the tools, expertise, and methodologies needed to make informed decisions and respond effectively to cybersecurity incidents.

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