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Praetorian At Your Service Defensive Investments Need an Offensive Perspective

Praetorian's Managed Service, powered by Chariot, ensures that an organization's security posture is continuously tested and validated, reducing the risk of a successful cyber-attack. By adopting a more proactive and continuous approach to security testing, organizations can potentially avoid the high costs associated with a data breach.

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Chariot is so much more than a product. Chariot is a partnership that enables material improvement of our cybersecurity program through close collaboration with Praetorian's security experts.
Adam Page, CISO Zurich Insurance
Praetorian’s deep security experience as a continuous service? Yes please!
Marty Garvin, Head of Security Rubrik
The Chariot platform pressure tests our cybersecurity program’s effectiveness every single day.
Melody Hildebrandt, CISO FOX
World Map Attack Surface

Defending a Dynamic Footprint from Constant Attack with Overburdened Teams. A Monumental Task.

The rapid adoption of SaaS, Cloud, and DevOps technologies have created dynamic attack surfaces of constantly changing risks and blind spots. These technologies have expanded an organization's attack surface footprint and created a moving target by exponentially increasing the rate of change seen in modern digital environments as assets spin up, down, and move around. As attack surfaces grow and change dramatically, the rise in opportunistic attacks (such as ransomware) further exacerbates the problem. The recent log4j vulnerability was a testament to how important it is to understand your attack surface.

Protecting transforming digital infrastructure is a major challenge, and internet attacks are constant and unrelenting

  • 9% of orgs believe they actively monitor 100% of their external attack surface

    Source: ESG

  • 46% of orgs state continuous monitoring is the biggest cyber management challenge

    Source: ESG

  • 70% of breaches are perpetrated by external threat actions

    Source: Verizon

  • 69% of orgs respond to attacks that start with an unknown/unmanaged Internet asset

    Source: ESG

  • 80% of Internet honeypots are compromised within 24 hours of deployment

    Source: Palo Alto Networks

Burned out defensive teams need assistance

  • 42% of teams ignore a large # of security alerts due to unmanageable volume

    Source: ESG

  • 57% of security teams are impacted by the talent shortage

    Source: ESG

  • 62% of security teams report increased workloads

    Source: ESG

  • 38% of security open job requisitions remain unfilled

    Source: ESG

Overburdened Team

Capabilities and Benefits Chariot is the world's most advanced full attack lifecycle managed service provider.

  • Bundled with Security Experts

    As a concierge managed service, we operate as an extension of your team to reduce the burden of day-to-day blocking and tackling. Dedicated offensive security experts are assigned to your account to assist you through the full attack lifecycle.

  • Eliminates False Positives

    As a managed service, we remove the noise by verifying the accuracy and importance of every risk before ever submitting a ticket to your team. Part of our core value is only signaling when it matters and guaranteeing zero false positives.

  • Adds the Attacker's Perspective

    Exploiting the virtuous cycle between offensive expertise and product automation, our platform rapidly implements new techniques into the Chariot platform well before product-only companies are even aware that new attack vectors exist.

  • Advanced Asset Discovery

    By integrating with cloud providers, source code managers, container registries, workloads, and ci/cd pipelines, Chariot provides continuous, comprehensive, and contextual asset discovery.

  • Illuminates Detection Gaps

    As an end-to-end attack lifecycle platform, we retrace our compromise paths to ensure your security team can detect and respond to the real-world attacks that we continuously demonstrate against your environment.

  • Stops Future Exposures from Resurfacing

    Leveraging automation through Policy as Code we can codify and integrate security requirements into the infrastructure provisioning processes to prevent the same security issue from ever reaching production again.

For the first time, defenders can gain the upper hand with an extra set of offensive hands.

As a managed service, Chariot combines human experts with technological innovation to create the first all-in-one offensive security platform that comprehensively catalogs Internet-facing assets, contextualizes their value, identifies and validates real compromise paths, tests your detection response program, and generates policy-as-code rules to prevent future exposures from occurring.

Get your defensive teams back on the offensive now.

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