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Built with users, not just for users.

Listen to one of our partners describe how we involve our users in the development process.

The Chariot Difference With or without a security team, your products need protection.

  • Keep it Simple

    Through in situ workflows, tech-stack tailored recommendations, and subject matter expertise just a Slack channel away, we're aiming to make security dead simple. We are committed to removing security friction for all stakeholders, without compromising quality.

  • Only Signal When it Matters

    The downside of DevSecOps products is that they are riddled with false positives. We want to give you back time by minimizing the amount of unnecessary triage and code changes on vulnerabilities reports that are not real or not important. We are committed to only signaling when it matters.

  • Experts on Standby

    4M cybersecurity jobs are unfilled and engineering teams are short-staffed on security expertise. For those that need help, Chariot offers a managed security-as-a-service solution that combines our product engineering’s technology and our security team’s expertise. We are committed to providing a complete solution.

  • Agnostically Cross-Platform

    We recognize that customers are operating across multiple development and deployment environments. Unlike solutions offered by certain platform companies, we appreciate that our customers do not like vendor lock-in and want the freedom to choose best of breed. We are committed to agnostically providing cross-platform support for all tech stacks -- without conflict.

Chariot is now in early availability

Here's your opportunity to take Chariot out for a test drive, and help us enhance the platform to give you the most value.

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Committed to Open Source Security.

Opensource software has had a profound and positive impact on society. 
As the cybersecurity problem continues to escalate, the open-source security community has the potential to put its own dent in the universe too. We are committed to making that happen by improving, empowering, and promoting open-source security.

Supported Open Source Security Tools

  • Brakeman

  • Bundler Audit

  • Coming Soon
  • DepSCAN

  • FindSecBugs

  • Flaw Finder

  • GoKart Logo


  • GoSec

  • HTTP-Check

  • Infer

  • Kube-Bench

    Coming Soon
  • Kube-Hunter

    Coming Soon
  • SSLyze

  • TFSec

    Coming Soon
  • Yarn Audit

Supported Technology Stacks

With each software release, Chariot is rapidly increasing the ecosystem of integration that it supports. If you don’t see a particular component on your tech stack, don’t worry, were constantly adding more.

  • C/C++

  • Golang

  • JavaScript

  • Kotlin

    Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • Ruby

  • AWS CloudFormation Logo


    Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon
  • GitHub

  • Coming Soon
  • JIRA

  • Azure

  • Azure Container Registry

    Coming Soon
  • ECR

  • GCP

  • GCR

  • Coming Soon

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