Ransomware Prevention

Identify and disrupt the attack paths that connect footholds to your organization’s critical assets and data

Ransomware Prevention
Reduce Exposure to Ransomware Attacks

Reduce Exposure to Ransomware Attacks

Leverage the real-world expertise that our engineers bring in Red Teaming and Attack Path Mapping to minimize your organization’s exposure to cybersecurity breaches

Secure Your Organization’s Critical Data

Emulating potential attack paths is the most reliable way to identify potential entry points for accessing your organization's critical data and assets. By simulating how different vulnerabilities within your systems could be chained together, you can uncover attack paths that start from a single point of entry

Identify Potential Attack Paths an Attacker Will Consider

Benefit from our decades of experience in conducting Red Team engagements and utilizing our continuous offensive security platform, Chariot, to constantly prevent ransomware attacks

Continuous Discovery

Gain a real-time, comprehensive view of your external domains and internal code repositories through insights provided by our automated platform.

Vulnerability Heatmap

Identify areas that are most likely to be of interest to attackers, and flag them for investigation.

Exploit and Attack Insight

Learn from experts on adversarial tactics to understand how attackers are likely to target your organization.

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