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Vendor Risk Management

Simplified, Scalable Vendor Risk Management

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  • Your Challenge

    Regardless of your organization’s size, vendor and supply chain management always is a complex and difficult task. Automated risk rating platforms were a step in the right direction, but often introduce further complexity by generating noisy and inaccurate results.

    Our Solution

    Leverage our combination of continuous automated and manual security testing to identify material risks, triage noise, and receive early warnings of supplier vulnerability to particular attacks. Simplify your supply chain security program by leveraging automation, without sacrificing the quality of human-driven risk management.

How Praetorian can help you streamline and strengthen vendor risk management

Supply chain and vendor risk management are complicated enough on their own, without the addition of inaccurate or inconsequential findings. Collaborate with a partner that understands your business risk and considers each vendor’s level of integration with your organization while triaging findings. Continuously be aware of what risks exist in your supply chain, so you can protect your organization from exposures that may lead to compromise.

  • Add Rigor

    Incorporate tailored security scanning with Chariot to conduct technical checks of critical answers to supplier due diligence questionnaires.

  • Decrease Noise

    A zero false positives guarantee means that you only receive alerts that our adversarial experts have technically validated as material risks.

  • Tailor Risk Management

    Receive findings based on the level of integration you have with each vendor, from a managed services team that considers your business risk at every step of the process.

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