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Praetorian ServicesNetwork Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in your organization’s external and internal network.

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Even the best defenders may not see gaps in the network that leave your critical assets vulnerable.

Who Benefits

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    Boards of Directors prioritizing security investment

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    CISOs seeking organizational resilience to cyberattack

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    Assurance Teams validating compliance standards

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    Security Teams exploring their environment from an attacker’s perspective

Choose a collaborative, transparent partner whose nation-state grade expertise can help you see the potential attack paths that stem from the most innocuous appearing vulnerabilities.

Discover Our SolutionNetwork Penetration Testing

Praetorian Network Penetration Testing identifies and contextualizes vulnerabilities in systems, Active Directory configurations, cloud environments, and other elements of your network so you can prioritize your remediation efforts.

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The Praetorian Difference

A partner.
Not a product.

  • customer focus

    World Class Engineers

    Our experts have demonstrated expertise with enterprise environments across multiple industries, including Cloud architectures, DevOps stacks, and modern SaaS focused deployments.

  • level of service

    Proven Methodology

    Current tools, techniques, and procedures enable innovative and emergent attack vectors so you can be confident your defenses will stand up against modern adversaries.

  • agility

    Innovative Enablement Platform

    Our continuous offensive security platform underpins every engagement, so your team can partner with our experts on the things that matter.

customer focus

Curious about your program’s resilience over a sustained period of time?

Concerned that a point-in-time exercise gives only a partial picture?

Learn more about our Ongoing Penetration Testing managed service.

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