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Praetorian ServicesCloud Penetration Testing

Identify cloud-based vulnerabilities and understand their potential connections to the rest of your environment.

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Understand how determined adversaries exploit cloud-based vulnerabilities to gain access to organizations’ closely guarded secrets.

Who Benefits

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    Companies exploring their cloud environment from an attacker’s perspective

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    Compliance Teams demonstrating their environment meets regulations

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    Security Teams confirming readiness before a launch date

Choose a collaborative, transparent partner who can help you identify the material risks in your product and develop a clear, actionable remediation plan.

Discover Our SolutionCloud Penetration Testing

Praetorian Cloud Penetration Testing discovers gaps and links between cloud vulnerabilities and other elements of the security environment, and identifies root causes to help you develop an actionable remediation plan.

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The Praetorian Difference

A partner.
Not a product.

  • customer focus

    World Class Engineers

    Our adversarial experts have deep experience in both building cloud infrastructure and assessing cloud security at scale, and routinely collaborate with their red team and application penetration testing colleagues.

  • level of service

    Proven Methodology

    By combining unique vectors we identify from and into the cloud with traditional offensive security, we are able to thoroughly test the client’s entire cloud environment.

  • agility

    Innovative Enablement Platform

    Our continuous offensive security platform underpins every engagement, so your team can partner with our experts on the things that matter.

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