With the rapid adoption of the cloud and the attendant security threats, your organization needs to understand traditional security penetration testing in the context of cloud security. Your internal team may have some combination of these skills that enables them to identify individual vulnerabilities. However, they are at risk of not understanding how determined adversaries exploit cloud-based vulnerabilities to gain access to organizations’ closely guarded secrets. You need an experienced partner to provide Cloud Security Penetration Testing.

Praetorian brings over a decade of experience in conducting penetration testing engagements, and the resulting adversarial perspective underpins everything we do. Our highly technical cloud security engineers set our cloud security services apart from fully automated or commercial tool-dependent competitors. They combine our offensive security DNA with our deep cloud expertise to deliver a Risk Informed Security Assessment with an emphasis on cloud attack vectors. We focus on our clients’ specific needs and cloud environments to help them achieve their goals and securely realize the benefits of cloud at scale.

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