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Rogue IT Identification

Enable Your Business without Sacrificing Security

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  • Your Challenge

    The pace of business accelerates with each passing year, and employees spin up rogue IT in an effort to keep up. However, this leaves your organization with unknown attack surfaces that expose your environment to compromise. You want to enable your colleagues, but enablement does not excuse risk exposure.

    Our Solution

    Keep track of your digital footprint in real-time, no matter how quickly your business operates, with Praetorian’s combination of automated scanning and human testing. We pair real-time asset discovery and secret scanning with adversarial experts who technically validate every finding in the context of your environment and critical assets.

How Praetorian can help you identify shadow IT

Simplify attack surface management with a team of adversarial experts who want to enable your business operations while helping you secure your environment.

  • Map Internet Footprint

    Understand your full attack surface with the support of our continuous offensive security platform, Chariot, which crawls your business assets in real time.

  • Inventory Core Infrastructure

    Leverage core infrastructure integrations to form a complete picture and contextualize relationships between assets.

  • Alert in Real Time

    Perform just-in-time cloud scanning to stay in lockstep with your business units while keeping them informed of the risk.

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