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Praetorian ServicesCI/CD Security Engagement

Supply chain security begins in the pipeline.

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Even mature organizations can be vulnerable to devastating supply chain attacks that originate in their CI/CD platforms.

Who Benefits

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    Cloud-First Tech Companies using CI/CD pipelines

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    CI/CD Tool Developers evaluating their products

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    Managed Service Providers maintaining CI/CD pipelines for clients

Choose a transparent, collaborative partner that can analyze discrete components of your supply chain to determine which attack vectors an advanced threat is most likely to exploit.

Discover Our SolutionCI/CD Security Engagement

Praetorian's CI/CD Security Engagement provides a comprehensive analysis of what can go wrong at each layer of your supply chain.

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The Praetorian Difference

Our Adversarial DNA

  • customer focus

    Offensive Security Engineers

    Our creative, adversarial experts have over a decade of experience and deep technical expertise in application penetration testing.

  • level of service

    Proven Methodology

    Our methodology benchmarks to industry standards like SLSA, while also leveraging our proprietary CI/CD exploitation tools that have been showcased at flagship security conferences (e.g., GitHub Attack Toolkit).

  • agility

    Innovative Enablement Platform

    Our continuous offensive security platform underpins every engagement to streamline the relationship and allow our two teams to focus on uncovering high value, material risks.

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