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Continuous Threat Exposure Management


Chariot provides unparalleled security coverage by incorporating attack surface management, vulnerability management, attack path mapping, breach and attack simulation, continuous penetration testing, red teaming, and exploit and threat intelligence into a single, unified managed service platform.

Integration of People, Process, and Technologies

Today’s threat landscape requires more than a traditional vulnerability management approach. Organizations need a dynamic, proactive approach to managing and mitigating risk. Enter Chariot. Chariot takes a holistic approach to Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) by combining people, process, and technology through the power of our proprietary automated platform, with a team of highly skilled, certified, and customer-obsessed engineers.

    Continuous Threat Exposure Unifies People, Process, and Technology

    Chariot consolidates a range of point products into a cohesive and comprehensive solution. By integrating these technologies, we created a platform where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This approach allows us to quantify risks and focus on material threats rather than attempting to address every potential issue. Each technology's output serves as an input to the next, creating a seamless flow that zeroes in on the risks that truly matter.

    • Attack Surface Management

      Continuously monitors and maps the organization's entire digital footprint, identifying potential entry points for attackers.

    • Vulnerability Management

      Integrates seamlessly with industry-leading tools like Qualys, Nessus, and Rapid7 to identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities.

    • Attack Path Mapping

      Visualizes potential attack paths within the network, helping to understand how vulnerabilities can be exploited in combination.

    • Continuous Penetration Testing

      Provides ongoing, rigorous testing of security defenses from an adversarial perspective.

    • Breach and Attack Simulation

      Simulates real-world attack scenarios to test the effectiveness of security controls and identify weaknesses.

    • Threat Intelligence

      Delivers up-to-date intelligence on emerging threats and exploits, ensuring the organization stays ahead of attackers.

    Address Exploitable Risk, Not Superficial Detections

    Reduce the noise and eliminate false positives by combining automation with human driven context and triage. Praetorian's white glove partnership approach means we work arm-in-arm with your internal stakeholders focusing on your top priorities – from discovery to hands-on vulnerability remediation.

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    Develop Robust Processes to Integrate Technologies and Expertise into a Cohesive, Efficient, and Effective CTEM Strategy.

    Our managed service approach ensures that all components work together seamlessly, providing continuous monitoring, assessment, and improvement of the organization’s security posture.

    • Discovery of Material Risk

      We begin by analyzing a company's 10-K filing to identify material risks that could impact the business. This financial analysis helps us understand where the most critical data resides and what assets are most vital to the organization.

    • Continuous Asset Mapping

      Once we identify key risks, we map out the assets where this critical data is stored. This step is crucial for understanding the potential attack surface and identifying all possible entry points for attackers.

    • Continuous Attack Path Mapping

      With a clear understanding of asset locations, we perform continuous attack path mapping to identify and visualize potential routes of compromise. This dynamic process helps us understand how an attacker could move laterally within the network to reach critical assets.

    • Continuous Demonstration of Compromise

      To provide concrete evidence of vulnerabilities and their potential impact, we demonstrate possible compromises using breach and attack simulations. This step helps in illustrating the real-world implications of identified threats and justifies the need for immediate action.

    Shift from a Reactive "Assume Breach" Mentality to a Proactive “Prevention-First” Strategy

    Chariot is supported by a team of highly skilled offensive security professionals who bring the attacker's perspective to every challenge. Our team members are recognized thought leaders, conference presenters (Black Hat, DEF CON, ShmooCon), published authors (Hacking Exposed series, Irreducibly Complex Systems), CVE contributors, and open-source tool developers. They do not just report the news; they make the news by developing new and novel attack techniques.

      Reduce Complexity Through an All-in-One Offensive Platform

      Gone are the days of fragmented point solutions and costly modules. Chariot combines attack surface management, continuous red teaming, continuous penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, purple teaming, and exploit intelligence into a single platform giving you true control of your security.

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      A Force Multiplier for Your Security Team

      Praetorian's Offensive Experts Permanently Stand Side-by-Side with Our Customer's Defensive Teams

      • We Lead with Offensive Experts

        Our team of offensive experts provide continuous support, ensuring your security strategy stays aligned with best practices and emerging threats. We work side by side with your defensive teams, guiding you on your cybersecurity maturity journey.

      • We Never Cry Wolf, So You Don’t Boil Oceans

        We prioritize signaling risk only when it truly matters. The risks we bring to your attention are material or critical, and have been validated and demonstrated by our team to ensure they warrant your time and resources.

      • We Support End-to-End Risk Management So You Can See Risks Addressed

        Our ultimate goal is not just identifying material risks, but ensuring they are remediated. We support you every step of the way, providing third-party evidence to your IT teams and validating that the risks have been successfully mitigated.

      • We Satisfy Penetration Test Compliance Requirements

        As a tech-enabled managed service, we meet the human intervention requirements of annual penetration tests, ensuring compliance and adding value to your security efforts.

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