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Our Offensive Security Platform

Chariot Enables A Prevention First Strategy

Prevention First Through Continuous Offensive Security Testing

Chariot helps companies shift from a reactive "assume breach" mentality to a prevention-first strategy by actively seeking out vulnerabilities and addressing potential weaknesses before attackers have the opportunity to exploit them.

Expert driven, all-in-one offensive security platform

Chariot takes a risk-based approach to security testing, which prioritizes vulnerabilities based on their impact on an organization's business objectives. This ensures that resources are allocated to address the most critical vulnerabilities, resulting in a more efficient and effective security posture.

  • Attack Surface Management

    Continuously monitor all attack vectors–external, internal, cloud, web app, secrets, phishing, rogue IT, and supplier and vendor risk.

  • Continuous Penetration Testing

    Undertake a strategic, adversarial-focused assessment of your digital environment to identify critical issues.

  • Continuous Red Teaming

    Test your cybersecurity program’s resilience over time.

  • Breach & Attack Simulation

    Simulate known exploitations on your environment to identify gaps in your prevention and detection plans.

About Chariot

An attack platform built by offensive experts for offensive experts.

We locate material risk the same way adversaries do.

By adopting active defense through offensive initiative, organizations can maintain a strong security posture and avoid the high costs associated with a data breach.

A force multiplier for your overstretched security teamPraetorian's offensive experts permanently stand side-by-side with our customer's defensive teams.

Leverage our managed service to eliminate the noise and draw out the material risks.

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  • We Bring the Attacker's Perspective.

    Exploiting the virtuous cycle between offensive expertise and product automation, our platform rapidly implements latest attack techniques from our offensive security experts into the Chariot platform well before product-only companies are even aware that a new attack vector exists.

  • We Leave No Stone Unturned.

    Chariot continuously identifies material risks in your environment using zero-knowledge osint attack techniques and through tightly coupled integrations with your digital environment. Our outside-in and inside-out approach comprehensively enumerates asset discovery and contextualize their relationships.

  • We Lead With Human Expertise

    As a concierge managed service, we operate as an extension of your team to reduce the burden of day-to-day blocking and tackling. Dedicated offensive security experts are assigned to your account to assist you through the full attack lifecycle.

  • We Never Ever Cry Wolf.

    As a managed service, we remove the noise by verifying the accuracy and importance of every risk before ever submitting a ticket to your team. Part of our core value is only signaling when it matters and guaranteeing zero false positives.

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