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Our Proprietary Platform

Chariot Enables Offensive Security as a Service

To achieve security without compromise, you need a way to evaluate the infinite risk potential of constantly evolving attack surfaces and exploitation tactics without burdening your team.

About Chariot

Meet Chariot, an automated continuous offensive security platform that thinks like an adversary and continually identifies material risks.

Leverage Chariot's capabilities in collaboration with the team of cybersecurity experts that developed it.

The platform continuously tests and validates your organization’s security posture using the assorted tools we incorporated, all while constantly scanning your attack surface. This means you get robust adversarial identification, enumeration, and prioritization, and rapidly accelerate your security program’s maturity. Welcome to cybersecurity without compromise, powered by Chariot.

A force multiplier for overstretched security teams

Adversarial experience informs innovative software engineering to save our engineers time.

The result? More time to focus on validating material risks in collaboration with your team.

Continuous Security Scanning

Chariot proactively, continuously scans and catalogs digital assets, then contextualizes their value to your organization.

Rapid Codification

Easy to use rules creation engine facilitates rapid codification of exploits you request or that our engineers develop for engagements.

Outside-in and Inside-out Approach

Chariot continuously scans your external attack surface and also integrates with your entire digital environment. These two perspectives allow it to find new assets in real-time, query asset catalogs, and highlight vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them.

Quick Time to Value

A cloud-based platform, Chariot integrates with your cloud environments, source code managers, container registries, asset workloads, and ci/cd pipelines in a matter of hours.

Looking for a continuous approach to your cybersecurity?

Accelerate your security maturity immediately by leveraging Chariot's capabilities in collaboration with the team of cybersecurity experts that developed it.

You can continuously test and validate your organization’s security posture while constantly scanning your attack surface.

  • Attack Surface Management

    Continuously monitor all attack vectors–external, internal, cloud, web app, secrets, phishing, rogue IT, and supplier and vendor risk.

  • Continuous Red Teaming

    Test your cybersecurity program’s resilience over time.

  • Breach & Attack Simulation

    Simulate known exploitations on your environment to identify gaps in your prevention and detection plans.

  • Continuous Penetration Testing

    Undertake a strategic, adversarial-focused assessment of your digital environment to identify critical issues.

Chariot Launch from Emmaline Eble on Vimeo.

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