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Praetorian ServicesOngoing Penetration Testing

Undertake a strategic, adversarial-focused assessment of your digital environment to identify critical issues.

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Enterprises need to uncover vulnerabilities that appear over time in their ever-changing environments.

Who Benefits

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    Organizations needing multiple pentests each year

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    Security Leaders wanting to maximize pentesters’ time-on-target

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    Security Teams meeting strenuous regulatory-driven requirements

Choose a collaborative, transparent partner who can help you continuously identify critical vulnerabilities in your evolving environment and develop a pragmatic, actionable remediation plan.

Discover Our SolutionOngoing Penetration Testing

Praetorian’s Ongoing Penetration Testing provides a regular cadence of internal network penetration testing by a dedicated team, and real time notification of verified vulnerabilities.

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The Praetorian Difference

A partner.
Not a product.

  • customer focus

    World Class Engineers

    Our adversarial experts have demonstrated expertise with enterprise environments across multiple industries, including Cloud architectures, DevOps stacks, and modern SaaS focused deployments.

  • level of service

    Proven Methodology

    Current tools, techniques, and procedures enable innovative and emergent attack vectors so you can be confident your defenses will stand up against modern adversaries.

  • agility

    Innovative Enablement Platform

    Our continuous offensive security platform is the force multiplier for this type of engagement, so your team can partner with our experts on the things that matter.

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