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Ransomware Prevention

Interrupt Attack Paths Connecting Footholds to Critical Assets

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  • Your Challenge

    Your team has done its best to secure your organization’s critical data, but malicious actors only need to find one chink in your armor to begin developing their exploit. Thwarting them relies on understanding how the vulnerabilities that your team finds in a few systems can chain together to create an attack path from a single entry point. You need a partner who can identify which potential attack paths an attacker will consider to be of lowest resistance to their goal: your critical assets.

    Our Solution

    Emulation of attack paths is the only reliable way to flag potential entry points for critical assets. Benefit from our decade of experience conducting Red Team engagements, as well as our continuous offensive security platform, Chariot, and prevent ransomware affordably, constantly.

How Praetorian can help you reduce exposure to ransomware attacks

New vulnerabilities and threats emerge every week, courtesy of both adversarial experts like those on our Vulnerability Research team and actual bad actors. Leverage the real-world expertise that our engineers bring in Red Teaming and Attack Path Mapping to minimize your organization’s exposure to cybersecurity breaches.

  • Continuous Discovery

    Gain a real-time, complete picture of your external domains and internal code repositories with findings from our automated platform.

  • Vulnerability Heatmap

    Determine the areas most likely to be of interest to attackers, and flag them for further investigation.

  • Exploit & Attack Insight

    Learn from adversarial experts how attackers would most likely approach your organization.

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