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Bug Bounty Cost Reduction

Only Deal with The Risks that Match Your Threat Profile

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  • Your Challenge

    Bounty hunters seek the largest possible payout, but those do not necessarily coincide with the vulnerabilities that constitute the greatest risk to your organization. You consequently spend significant resources–both monetary payouts and internal security team follow up–on bug bounty reports that do not actually meet your threat profile.

    Our Solution

    Predict cost with a flat rate managed service that continuously monitors your attack surface, scans for secrets, and validates findings before reporting them as material risks. Our adversarial engineers take both an outside-in (attacker-focus) and inside-out (trusted partners) perspective to maximize their value added to your security program.

How Praetorian can help you identify vulnerabilities and conserve resources

Take control of vulnerability identification by partnering with Praetorian. Leverage our engineers’ expertise to find the vulnerabilities that pose a threat to your business, affordably.

  • Extend Your Team

    Rely on our highly skilled engineers to dig into the context of your environment and apply their adversarial expertise in pursuit of strengthening your security program.

  • Decrease Noise

    A zero false positives guarantee means that you only receive alerts that our adversarial experts have technically validated as material risks.

  • Tailor Risk Management

    Receive findings based on the critical risks you designate, from a managed services team that considers your business risk at every step of the process.

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