The value of cloud infrastructure lies in its scalability and flexibility; however, cloud service misconfigurations often result in soaring operating costs that overshadow these benefits. While cutting costs wherever possible is tempting, doing so only yields short-term gains. Cloud users instead need to take a security-conscious approach when optimizing cloud costs to mitigate the risk of more expensive compromises down the road. They need budget-friendly cloud security.

Praetorian has amassed extensive experience in helping to secure our customers’ cloud environments, and we have identified effective strategies to help you minimize expenses while fortifying your cloud defenses. This paper will explore practical solutions to effectively secure your cloud infrastructure while simultaneously cutting costs to unlock the full potential of your cloud environment. With our approach, you will not have to compromise your balance sheet or your security posture. Learn more about how the following can help your team establish budget-friendly cloud security:

  • Conduct periodic cost assessments
  • Centralize cloud resources
  • Link incident accountability to cloud cost reduction efforts
  • Use anomaly detection to detect incidents in progress


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