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Praetorian ServicesAutomotive Penetration Testing

Undertake a comprehensive, adversarial-focused assessment of your automotive line’s security posture.

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You need to satisfy the penetration testing guidelines stipulated in ISO/SAE 21434, but more than that, you need assurance that your vehicles and components provide a safe operating experience.

Who Benefits

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    Automakers making security central a central pillar of their connected car strategy.

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    OEMs meeting automotive and regulatory requirements.

Choose a collaborative, transparent partner who can help you identify your vehicle’s material risks and develop a pragmatic, actionable remediation plan.

Discover Our SolutionAutomotive Penetration Testing

Your organization is introducing a new vehicle, supporting a specialized use-case, or adding a new feature or functionality to your offerings. Praetorian’s automotive assessments fall into two basic categories: targeted and broad. For both, we enumerate the designated attack surface from an adversarial perspective and prioritize attack paths based on risk profiles we develop with the client. We tailor these activities to satisfy regulatory requirements in ISO/SAE 21434 as well as provide the assurance our clients need. Praetorian’s clients gain maximum benefit from our deep technical expertise in automotive security. Our past work in this area has involved a variety of automotive platforms, ranging from production vehicles to level four autonomous R&D prototypes. Past engagements have included all elements of modern vehicles, including ECUs, CAN networks, MISRA-compliant source code, key fobs, infotainment systems, mobile applications, and autonomous vehicle technology.

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The Praetorian Difference

Our Adversarial DNA

  • customer focus

    Offensive Security Engineers

    While your internal security team is probably quite skilled, they are unlikely to have the offensive experience required to validate the vehicle defensive measures they have put in place.

  • level of service

    Proven Methodology

    Whether you choose a ISO/SAE 21434 framework-based or goal-based approach, we employ both automated and manual exploitation techniques to ensure we find as much as possible.

  • agility

    Innovative Enablement Platform

    Our continuous offensive security platform underpins every engagement to streamline the relationship and allow our two teams to focus on uncovering high value, material risks.

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