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Test your cybersecurity program against a real-world attack by advanced threat actors.

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Even the best-implemented defensive strategy misses gaps in people, processes, and technology.

Who Benefits

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    Boards of Directors ascertaining risk and impact of high-profile attacks

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    Security Leaders requesting or justifying strategic investment

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    Organizations needing to demonstrate resilience

Choose a transparent, collaborative partner that can adopt an adversarial approach to determine the impact a breach might have on your organization.

Discover Our SolutionRed Team

Praetorian's Red Team tests your prevention, detection, and response capabilities as we identify and exploit security gaps to reach the objectives you define.

Want to learn more about how we take an offensive approach to this challenge?

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The Praetorian Difference

Our Adversarial DNA

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    Offensive Security Engineers

    Our core team of former NSA operators, CIA officers, and security researchers has the ability to emulate nation states and advanced persistent threats.

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    Emergent Attack Intelligence

    A dedicated research team delivers state of the art attack techniques, builds covert tools, and identifies 0 day exploits for our offensive security operators to deploy on engagements.

  • agility

    Innovative Enablement Platform

    Our continuous offensive security platform underpins every engagement to streamline the relationship and allow our two teams to focus on uncovering high value, material risks.

customer focus Managed Service Counterpart

Curious about your program’s resilience over a sustained period of time?

Concerned that a point-in-time exercise gives only a partial picture?

Learn more about our Continuous Red Teaming managed service.

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