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Praetorian ServicesWe Are The Security Experts.

Praetorian is your full-service, expert partner. We help business leaders address security challenges across skills shortage, cloud migrations, and rapid shift to detection and response. From tech startups to Fortune 500 customers, we design and implement your cloud security programs as if they were our own.

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Level up your security game. We provide leverage for each
phase of your IT security lifecycle:

Guard Stay one step ahead.

Subscription-based security advice, coverage, and support.

Praetorian Guard is our full-service partnership program, offering a personalized approach to help ensure optimized security programs across your network, data, and cloud infrastructures. We fill gaps in your security team as needed, provide proactive advice, and share our expertise on demand to help you stay one step ahead of attackers.

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Plan Put NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) to work.

Set and achieve program goals through IT security governance services.

Our Praetorian experts collaborate with you to determine which security activities are most important for assuring critical operations and service delivery, while maximizing the impact of your cybersecurity investments. We map your top 20 security controls to NIST CSF and identify your current and targeted future states across the five NIST CSF functions.

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Design Identify gaps and inefficiences in your security architecture.

Zero Trust architecture for security models that simplify management, improve usability, and strengthen your overall security.

Our modeling experts leverage Google BeyondCorp and help you institute a Zero Trust architecture. Our deep knowledge of the security landscape helps you select and deploy cloud-first, best-of-breed products and vendor solutions, with an end goal to strengthen your overall security posture and simplify network management.

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Implement Fast and expert installation.

Our extensive hands-on experience helps you implement solutions with confidence and speed.

Security tools and platforms aren't typically built for the casual user. Let our security engineers, with their decades of hands-on experience, help to ensure your best-of-breed security tools are implemented quickly, and more importantly, correctly. From install to configuration and testing, we'll work side-by-side with your team, including tips and techniques for getting the most out of your security stack.

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Optimize Tune and improve your detection and response capabilities.

Optimization services make sure that you are getting the most for your security dollars.

Security is a significant investment, but well worth the expense against the cost of a breach. Our team helps business leaders gain confidence that their security expense is being used wisely. We assess the efficacy of your entire security posture and make recommendations where gaps or inefficiencies exist, so you can be assured that your security program is efficiently supporting the growth and profitability objectives of the business.

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Assess Red Team operations.

How well does your organization stand up to a Praetorian red team exercise?

At Praetorian, our core team includes former NSA operators and CIA officers. The background and experience of our deep technical bench allow us to provide simulated attack scenarios with the latest techniques and tools of hackers—to penetrate, evade detection, and test the defense readiness of your security team.

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Operate Managed detection response.

Ensure the security controls of your organization are operated, managed, and monitored effectively.

We offer management and monitoring services across a range of core technologies, including vulnerability scanning, unified threat management (UTM), security incident and event management (SIEM), security gateways, and end-points. Whether you are addressing skill gaps and talent shortages, or value the expertise of a trusted partner, Praetorian is ready to help you operate with excellence.

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Breach Incident response.

Minimize compromise impact through incident response services.

Our highly experienced Incident Response (IR) professionals help you prepare for, detect, contain, and recover from a suspected cybersecurity breach. We ensure that you have an incident response plan such that, in the event of a security breach, the right personnel and procedures are in place to effectively deal with the threat. Should a breach occur, we respond quickly to help you identify your exposure, address the vulnerability, and minimize the impact on your organization.

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