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Areas of Expertise Penetration testing from Praetorian.

Undertake a comprehensive, adversarial-focused assessment of your security posture to identify paths of compromise before attackers do.

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Application & Product Penetration Testing

Your organization’s applications rely on cloud-first technology stacks. That means the data and secrets you need to protect could be vulnerable to the full range of software and cloud-based attacks that adversaries are continually expanding. You need assurance that your cybersecurity strategy is comprehensive, that your data and that of your clients is as secure as possible, and that your applications meet any applicable industry regulatory requirements.

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Automotive Penetration Testing

Your organization is introducing a new vehicle, supporting a specialized use-case, or adding a new feature or functionality to your offerings. You need to satisfy the penetration testing guidelines stipulated in ISO/SAE 21434, but more than that, you need assurance that your vehicles and components provide a safe operating experience. While your internal security team is probably quite skilled, they are unlikely to have the offensive experience required to validate the defensive measures they have put in place.

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Cloud Penetration Testing

With the rapid adoption of the cloud and the attendant security threats, your organization needs to understand traditional security penetration testing in the context of cloud security. Your internal team may have some combination of these skills that enables them to identify individual vulnerabilities. However, they are at risk of not understanding how determined adversaries exploit cloud-based vulnerabilities to gain access to organizations’ closely guarded secrets.

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Network Penetration Testing

Even the best defenders may not see gaps in the network that leave your critical assets vulnerable to compromise.

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IoT & Hardware Penetration Testing

Your organization’s products transmit data over the Internet, and severe vulnerabilities can arise anywhere along the transmission flow from the hardware itself to backend systems or other data aggregation points. You need assurance that your data and that of your clients is as secure as possible every step along the way, and that your products meet any applicable industry regulatory requirements.

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Is your cybersecurity posture prepared to detect, respond to, and stop advanced threats?

Our core team of former NSA operators and CIA officers has the ability to simulate nation states and advanced persistent threats. Staying on the cutting edge of offensive security, not only do we leverage the same attack vectors, tools, techniques, and procedures that modern adversaries do. but we also push the envelope on state-of-the-art offensive capabilities through research and development.

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Continuous Attack Emulation

Are you interested in exploring continuous red team options? Meet Chariot. Your offensive security workhorse. As a managed service, Chariot pairs product automation with human expertise to deliver a continuous red team experience. Using automation, we constantly map your evolving attack surface and pass along potentially dangerous exposures and vulnerabilities to our dedicated team of offensive security operators for verification. Our offensive operators carefully exploit the exposures to eliminate false positives, confirm risk, demonstrate impact, and execute post-compromise activities to uncover possible pathways that could further expand the blast radius of the initial compromise. Our team them provides actionable recommendations for mitigation and works closely with your team through the remediation process including retesting efforts to verify that the risk has been removed.

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