AUSTIN, Texas, October 6, 2023 – Praetorian, an industry forerunner in offensive security, is excited to announce the formalization of an advisory board composed of distinguished Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). This new advisory board underscores Praetorian’s commitment to addressing the dynamic and complex needs of the market.

The advisory board will work closely with Praetorian, providing insights, market trends, and candid feedback from a CISO’s perspective. It signifies Praetorian’s dedication to fostering robust and collaborative partnerships with security leaders worldwide, ensuring that the company’s solutions resonate deeply with the challenges and requirements of today’s ever-evolving cyber landscape.

Nathan Sportsman, CEO of Praetorian, commented on the announcement, stating, “Incorporating the voice of the market into our strategy is pivotal. This advisory board, led by influential CISOs, ensures that Praetorian remains not just proactive but also profoundly attuned to the real problems enterprises face. Our shared mission is to prevent breaches before they occur, and this board further fortifies our endeavor.”

Praetorian remains steadfast in its vision of creating a future without compromise. Alongside its new advisory board, the company continues to hire tier one talent, offering opportunities for the top 1% to make significant contributions in the battle against cyber threats.

About Praetorian:
Praetorian delivers offensive security solutions that prevent breaches by emulating attackers. Continuous offensive security helps companies shift from a reactive “assume breach” mentality to a prevention-first strategy. By actively seeking out vulnerabilities and addressing potential weaknesses before attackers have the opportunity to exploit them, businesses can stay ahead of cyber adversaries. By staying ahead of emerging threats, organizations can maintain a strong security posture and avoid the high costs associated with a data breach. Connect with us at or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.