Full Coverage Security Assurance for Internet of Things Product Ecosystems

In today’s connected world, the perception of security risk alone, even if not realized, can still negatively impact consumer confidence necessary for new technologies to meet their full market potential. Recent, high-profile data breaches have heightened consumers’ awareness of data security and privacy issues. As a result, consumer adoption may suffer until vendors can adequately address security and privacy concerns.

Praetorian’s Internet of Things assurance services take a holistic approach to security testing by reviewing the entire product ecosystem, from chip to code, while prioritizing vulnerabilities so you can successfully balance risk with time-to-market pressures.

Praetorian's research-driven methodologies are trusted by today's leading organizations, including:

Whirlpool Silicon Labs Johnson & Johnson GE Kimberly-Clark Allegion

Praetorian always considers the broader set of enterprise services we have here at Qualcomm so reports and recommendations can be actionable by the people who recieve them.


Gabe Lawrence,
Senior IT Security Engineer

Fortune Magazine

Security Program for Azure IoT

Praetorian is a global auditing partner under Microsoft's Security Program for Azure IoT

Deliver and Deploy Secure Connected Products, From Chip to Code

Joining the Internet of Things adds many new layers of complexity for any product environment. New technologies, existing technologies working together in new ways, limited standards, and competing protocols all add to the challenge of delivering a secure connected product to the market. From smart homes, connected lighting, smart grids and retail services to connected cars, industrial automation, and physical plant operation, Praetorian’s Internet of Things full coverage assurance services will help your organization better deliver and deploy secure connected products.

Embedded Device Testing

Praetorian engineers will conduct an in-depth security assessment to identify physical and logical security threats to the embedded system, such as local controllers/gateways, and determine risk at the device level of an Internet of Things ecosystem to help your organization establish appropriate mitigations.

Firmware Security Assessments

Praetorian engineers will analyze the security of device firmware and its update distribution process to ensure security best practices have been implemented, such as cryptographically signing firmware updates and using authentication capabilities in hardware devices to verify signatures.

Wireless Security Assessments

Praetorian’s holistic approach to Internet of Things security testing includes an assessment of the wireless protocols used for local device communication, such as ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, and Bluetooth LE, to ensure proper implementation and security best practices.

Application Security Testing

The overall goal of web and mobile application security testing is to uncover software vulnerabilities, demonstrate the impact of weaknesses, and provide recommendations for mitigation. Our team delivers assurance through a detailed and in-depth security analysis of the critical applications driving your Internet of Things product ecosystem.

Cloud Services Assurance

Praetorian engineers will perform a security assessment on external cloud services and RESTful APIs used to exchange data with Internet of Things networks, applications, devices, and sensors. Vulnerabilities are identified, and if desired, exploited during a penetration test.

Infrastructure Security Testing

Praetorian engineers will remotely identify the networks, hosts, and services that comprise the supporting network infrastructure of your Internet of Things product ecosystem. Vulnerabilities are identified, and if desired, exploited during a penetration test.

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