Your organization has invested in a cybersecurity program to mitigate material risk to your asset. Yet you are concerned your defensive perspective might be hampering your ability to see gaps in your people, process, and technology. You need a partner to adopt an adversarial approach under controlled circumstances so you can see the impact a breach would have on your business interests. A Red Team engagement simulates an end-to-end cyber-attack that tests an organization’s detection & response capabilities.

Our experts subject client organizations to an end-to-end cyber-attack that exercises their Prevention, Detection, & Response capabilities across their People, Processes, & Technology. During a Red Team engagement, our security engineers provide the client’s security team with the opportunity to exercise their defensive playbooks under realistic conditions, without the negative impact of a real-world breach. We put clients’ security assumptions to the test, and provide factual information regarding the current security maturity posture of their organization.

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