Your organization’s applications rely on cloud-first technology stacks. You need assurance that your cybersecurity strategy is comprehensive, that your data and that of your clients is as secure as possible, and that your applications meet any applicable industry regulatory requirements. Application penetration testing can provide that.

Praetorian’s clients gain maximum benefit from our decade of experience and deep technical expertise in application penetration testing. Our team is equally adept with cloud-first applications and on-premises deployments, and can assess server-side, desktop, and mobile applications. Praetorian’s engineers bring a creative, adversarial mindset to every engagement. Our assessments include a comprehensive analysis of the building blocks that make up modern applications, including the service mesh, managed services, and application-layer logic.

We pair that expertise with a focus on the client experience, tailoring each engagement to the client’s business needs in order to provide actionable findings. You can rely on us to ask deep questions, work closely with your teams, and provide direct, clear feedback on what we find. Our team keeps your bigger picture in mind so we can help your company understand both the ground truth about your security program and its implications for your company’s future.

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