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Chances are, your cloud application uses third party components.

The libraries and toolkits your engineering teams use are often a source of vulnerability. Increasingly, these dependencies are a vector for “supply-chain attacks”, where an attacker injects malicious code into third-party software. Chariot continuously monitors your dependencies and alerts you when it matters.

Features Automate the scanning of your dependency tree for security risks.

  • Know what dependencies your product has.

    Reducing security risk starts with knowing what dependencies your cloud application has.

  • Guard against dependency confusion attacks.

    Mixing public and private dependencies in the same codebase is common, especially in larger companies and complex applications. Chariot helps prevent against the vector where an attacker uploads a malicious copy of a private dependency to a public repository.

  • Stay on top of CVEs and security bulletins.

    Automated monitoring of vulnerabilities reported in third-party dependencies.

  • Deploy known/good versions of software.

    Chariot watches for version control against known vulnerabilities to help ensure you are deploying secure versions of software.

Chariot. Your Security Workhorse.

Chariot offers full-stack security in a single platform, to make security a less complex challenge. Our modular approach lets you activate only the features you need, and if you’re just looking for the very basics, Chariot is forever free.

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