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Chariot Attack
Continuous Automated Red Teaming

Is your organization seeing a diminishing return on point-in-time red teams and penetration tests due to your environment's rapid rate of change? Meet Chariot Attack. Your continuous automated red teaming workhorse.

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The Filter

Chariot Attack enables continuous red teaming and penetration testing year round.

When Chariot Attack is coupled with Chariot Identify, on-going testing is made affordable through asset discovery automation and targeted testing cycles that focus on environmental change.

  • Step 1We use security automation to continuously map your evolving attack surface.

    We pass along potentially dangerous exposures and vulnerabilities to our dedicated team of offensive security operators for verification.

    Hacker with Attack Surface
  • Step 2We use security experts to uncover the attack pathways that hackers would use and demonstrate the risk through controlled compromises.

    Our offensive operators carefully exploit the exposures to eliminate false positives, confirm risk, demonstrate impact, and execute post-compromise activities.

  • Step 3We verify that the risk has been removed.

    Our team then provides actionable recommendations for mitigation and works closely with your team through the remediation process including retesting efforts.

    Slack Screenshot

Defensive Prioritization Needs an Offensive Filter

  • Find weaknesses in your security posture the same way an attacker does

  • Continuously identify material risks and security exposures that could lead to a compromise

  • Eliminate the noise and focus on what really matters

  • Prioritize defensive efforts & obtain stakeholder buy-in through demonstrated impact

  • Augment your defensive teams with offensive subject matter experts

Funnel Infographic

Locate unknown compromise paths with Chariot Attack

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