Why Azure B2C ROPC Custom Flows Are Inherently Insecure

Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory B2C service allows cloud administrators to define custom policies, which orchestrates trust between principals using standard authentication protocols. One such custom policy that B2C defines by default is the Resource Owner Password Credentials (ROPC) flow, which implements the OAuth standard authentication flow of the same name and allows users to simply […]

Helpdesk Telephone Attack: How to Close Process and Technology Gaps

Introduction As we have witnessed in recent weeks with the MGM and Caesars Entertainment breaches, helpdesks are prime attack surfaces that are seeing a surge in exploitation. Although much of the press surrounding these most recent events alludes to helpdesk operators’ roles in the exploits, this type of vulnerability actually is a technology and process […]

Announcing Nosey Parker Update to v0.14.0

Last week we published a new release of Nosey Parker, our fast and low-noise secrets detector. The v0.14.0 release adds significant features that make it easier for a human to review findings, and a number of smaller features and changes that improve signal-to-noise. The full release notes are available here. Release highlights File names and […]

Konstellation: A Tool for RBACpacking in Kubernetes

The author presented this paper and corresponding tool at Black Hat: Arsenal 2023 on August 10, 2023. For a more general overview of Konstellation and its capabilities vis a vis Kubernetes RBAC, please see our earlier companion post.  Kubernetes Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is a mechanism for controlling access to resources in a Kubernetes cluster. […]

Introducing Konstellation, for Kubernetes RBAC Analysis

Praetorian is excited to announce the upcoming release of Konstellation, a new open-source tool that simplifies Kubernetes role-based access control (RBAC) data collection and security analysis. Join us August 10, 2023, at Black Hat Arsenal 2023 for a deeper dive on exactly what this tool can do for you. Kubernetes RBAC is a powerful tool […]

Announcing Gato Version 1.5!

On January 21, 2023 at ShmooCon 2023, Praetorian open-sourced Gato (Github Attack Toolkit), a first of its kind tool that focuses on abusing offensive TTPs targeting self-hosted GitHub Actions Runners. Since then, Praetorian and other offensive security practitioners across the information security community have leveraged Gato for so much more than just self-hosted runner attacks. […]

Content Discovery: Understanding Your Web Attack Surface

Attack Surface Management (ASM) tools find quite a lot of vulnerabilities on the Web. This really isn’t surprising, given that HTTP/S is by far the most common and broadest of all the services comprising the Internet. In fact, Web-based issues represent the majority of the findings about which our Managed Service Providers (MSPs) inform our […]

In Brief: Chariot Alignment with FDA Section 524B.1

Chariot is more than a product; it’s a partnership that combines automated monitoring and human analysis to identify externally-accessible security risks. In light of the FDA’s latest requirements for in-market device security (summarized in Section 524B), Praetorian’s customers are having success leveraging the Chariot Managed Service as a cost-effective and scalable approach to satisfying Section […]

Cyber Cartography: Mapping a Target

As Phil Venables has said, “at some level, cyber defense is a battle over whether the attacker or defender has better visibility of the target. Action is key, yes, but without good ‘cyber cartography’ it can be hard to act in the right way.” An attacker’s first step is enumeration, or identifying what looks hackable. […]