Security Assessment and Advisory Services

Penetration Testing Services

A penetration test identifies organizational weaknesses the same way an attacker would — by hacking it. This enables organizations to better understand and ultimately minimize the risk associated with IT assets.

Today, creating a truly secure IT infrastructure requires access to highly specialized knowledge, intelligence, and expertise in order to stay at least one step ahead of the evolving risks. Because Praetorian is an authority on information security, your business can leverage our subject matter expertise to solve these challenging business problems.

Praetorian offers a wide range of penetration testing services designed to meet your specific needs, and we invite you to explore a sample of our penetration testing services and methodologies:

Application Security Testing Services

Companies that identify and remediate software vulnerabilities early and often will generate software maintenance savings that reduce overall development costs.

Whether your software is an Internet-facing web application or an enterprise system management application, security is a critical piece that needs to be considered at each stage of the development lifecycle. All of our consultants come from a software development background. Leveraging that experience, we can work with your development teams to provide a security perspective, enabling you to prevent exposure at the source: within your source code. Regardless of where in the development cycle you are, we can help through one of the following services:

Network Security Services

Obtain an accurate understanding of your security and risk posture, while ensuring compliance with industry regulators and information security best practices.

Through time tested, thorough methodologies, our consultants assess your security exposure and provide mitigation strategies, and assist in remediation efforts. We deliver comprehensive reporting, relevant to your organization and stakeholders. Praetorian takes a highly-customizable approach to security testing. We combine our in-depth knowledge with the use of industry standards, applicable regulatory requirements, and you specific business goals. Engagements are scoped to include one or more service lines depending on the needs of the client.

Mobile Security Services

Due to the increased sophistication of mobile platforms and the proliferation of mobile applications, an organization's mobile infrastructure represents yet another attack surface on an enterprise network. Recognizing the increased risk organizations face, mobile software vendors and business consumers alike are seeking assistance in evaluating the security of their mobile applications.

Mobile Application Security Assessment Services

Cloud Security Services

Services designed to help protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and data in your organization's growing cloud environments. Praetorian's cloud security assessment services are designed to help your organization navigate through the unique security responsibilities associated with operating in today's public cloud environments. Understanding the separation of responsibility and control is needed to effectively direct your organization's internal security, risk and compliance teams and external auditors.

Cloud Security Assessment Services

Internet of Things Security Testing and Assurance

Full coverage Internet of Things (IoT) security testing and assurance services to help your organization better deliver secure connected products to the market. Praetorian’s Internet of Things assurance services take a holistic approach to security testing by reviewing the entire product ecosystem, from chip to code, while prioritizing vulnerabilities so you can successfully balance risk with time-to-market pressures. Joining the Internet of Things adds many new layers of complexity for any product environment.

IoT Security Assessment Services

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Benchmark

Praetorian will benchmark your organization’s current cybersecurity posture to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and identify an appropriate target state based on the organization’s threat and vulnerability profile. By combining the NIST Framework and CCS's Top 20 Critical Security Controls a useful current/target state analysis can be performed and then utilized as a driver for prioritized activities to improve an organization’s security posture.

We use data gained during the various phases of a security audit to identify the current state. Working closely with your organization we will identify a target state based on the threats to your particular organization, your business needs, technology profile, and overall risk approach. Praetorian utilizes the results of technical security assessments, interviews, and documentation review to complete this service.

Security Benchmarking

Regulatory Compliance Services

Regulatory compliance is often the primary driving factor behind many of an organization's security initiatives. State and federal laws as well as industry requirements are leveraging fines and penalties in an effort to move companies in the right direction when it comes to protecting sensitive information. Out of touch legislation and ambiguous language introduces considerable headaches for responsible organizations seeking compliance. Praetorian provides compliance development and assessment services to ensure an organization's efforts are both meaningful and effective. Offerings are targeted for PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, SOX, and GLBA.

Regulatory Compliance Services (PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, SOX, GLBA)

Incident Response Services

Incident response is a distinctly unsatisfying activity for most organizations. Adversaries, usually foreign, are rarely prosecuted or deterred. Ad hoc remediation is trial and error, devolving into a game of attacker whack-a-mole that drags on for months. Mid six figure response bills are common. Praetorian offers a pragmatic, goal based approach to incident response. Our goal is to identify the extent of the breach, clean up it as quickly as possible, and prevent re-entry by the attacker.

Incident Response Services

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