Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaas)

Always-on access to expert penetration testing, ensuring your security keeps pace with your continuous business innovation.

Go Beyond Traditional Point-in-Time Testing

PTaaS moves organizations beyond traditional point-in-time penetration testing engagements by providing a continuous self-service platform and on-demand test scheduling, allowing organizations to rapidly identify, exploit, report, and remediate vulnerabilities as they arise. 


The flexibility of PTaaS on-demand testing, allows organizations to scale their security testing efforts in real-time. This adaptability is crucial for businesses in today's fast-paced digital environment, where new features, updates, and technologies are continuously rolled out. PTaaS enables organizations to integrate these changes seamlessly into their security testing process without waiting for the next scheduled test.

Collaborate with Expert Security Engineers

Leverage the experience of an elite team of cybersecurity engineers who bring unparalleled experience and cutting-edge threat intelligence to enhance the quality and depth of your penetration testing.

Gained Efficiency

Regular and comprehensive testing not only fortifies your security but also ensures you meet and exceed regulatory compliance standards effortlessly while safeguarding your organizations most sensitive data.

Manage Your Attack Surface from the Hackers’ Perspective

Instant Penetration Testing Requesting

Request on-demand penetration tests ensuring your security efforts continuously evolve with your business.

Centralized Platform

Through the Chariot platform, organizations gain a clear view of vulnerabilities, prioritization, and remediation actions, enhancing the overall security program.

Actionable Reporting

Receive tailored reports that provide actionable overviews of your organizations material risks, allowing you to focus on the threats that matter.

Regular Cadence of Penetration Testing

Accelerated Remediation Guidance

PTaaS provides on demand access to expert security engineers for personalized guidance and rapid remediation support.

On-Demand Testing

Keep pace with development cycles and software updates, ensuring no vulnerability goes unnoticed.

Early Feedback on Code Changes

Enhance the agile SDLC process by providing development teams the ability to identify a vulnerability within new code before implementing the code in live environments.

Access to Security Experts

Security engineers act as an extension of your team, providing personalized, white-glove guided support through your remediation efforts

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