Microsoft recognizes Praetorian as a “best-in-class” Internet of Things (IoT) global auditing partner and a founding member of its new Security Program for Azure IoT.

AUSTIN, Texas – October 26, 2016 – Praetorian today announced a partnership with Microsoft, becoming one of its first global auditing partners under the new Security Program for Azure IoT. The new program brings together a curated set of best-in-class security auditors that Microsoft customers can choose from to perform security audits on their IoT solutions, find issues and provide recommendations. As a part of the Security Program for Azure IoT, Praetorian will deliver a holistic approach to security auditing by reviewing the entire solution, from chip to cloud, while prioritizing vulnerabilities so Microsoft’s enterprise customers can successfully balance risk with time-to-market pressures.

“Innovation is exploding as the next wave of technological progress transforms our world into an increasingly smart and connected cyber-physical place, where billions of new devices and sensors will be made even smarter by intelligence in the cloud,” said Paul Jauregui, vice president of Praetorian, in a statement. “We’re excited to be working with new partners and customers who see security as an enabler of next wave innovation and a requisite for new technologies to meet their full market potential.”

In today’s connected world, the perception of security risk alone, even if not realized, can still negatively impact consumer confidence necessary for new technologies to meet their full market potential. Recent, high-profile data breaches have heightened consumers’ awareness of data security and privacy issues. As a result, enterprise and consumer adoption may suffer until vendors can adequately address security and privacy concerns.

Joining the Internet of Things adds many new layers of complexity for any product environment. New technologies, existing technologies working together in new ways, limited standards and competing protocols all add to the challenge of delivering a secure connected product to the market. From smart homes, connected lighting, smart grids and retail services to connected cars, industrial automation and physical plant operation, Praetorian’s Internet of Things full-coverage assurance services are designed to help today’s leading manufacturers better deliver and deploy secure, connected products.

Delivering and deploying secure, connected products, from chip to code, requires a unique security expertise and services including:

  • Embedded device security testing
  • Firmware security assessments
  • Wireless protocol security assessments
  • Application security testing
  • Cloud services testing and assurance
  • Infrastructure security testing

To learn more, visit or contact Praetorian’s team of Internet of Things security engineers today at