Recognized as one of the “20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Consulting Companies,” Praetorian rises above the rest in an evolving security market.

AUSTIN, Texas – April 25, 2014 – Praetorian, a leading information security provider, was named one of this year’s “20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Consulting Companies” by CIO Review Magazine. A distinguished panel comprising CIOs and CEOs of public companies, industry analysts and the CIO Review editorial board finalized the selection earlier this year. The annual listing represents not only the leading high-value enterprise security consulting companies in the U.S. but also recognizes companies impacting the information technology marketplace.

CIO Review Magazine describes the current enterprise security market as an evolving one, while at the same time one that poses several challenges. Enterprises worldwide are witnessing a transformative phase in terms of technology. It remains a struggle to keep pace with the technological changes, and there are still untapped opportunities in the security sector.“It is our goal to be the leading partner in the market for our clients by solving the hard security problems holistically and cost effectively,” Paul Jauregui, Praetorian’s vice president of marketing, said. “When you’re constantly advancing your industry and today’s leading organizations actively seek your expertise, people notice,” he added.

Today, creating a truly secure enterprise requires access to highly specialized knowledge, intelligence and expertise in order to stay at least one step ahead of evolving risks. Because Praetorian is an authority on information security, organizations continue to rely on its subject-matter expertise to solve challenging business problems.