Company Invites Community to Contribute New Use Cases, Rules to Improve the Secret Scanner Tool

AUSTIN, TX — December 12, 2022 — Praetorian, a leading offensive security company, announced that it has open-sourced the regular expression-based (RegEx) scanning capabilities of its Nosey Parker secret scanning tool.

Inadvertent secrets disclosure is one of the more common attack paths in an organization. Praetorian’s Nosey Parker addresses the pervasive problem of secret exposure in source code and configuration files where sensitive information such as passwords, API keys, access tokens, asymmetric private keys, client secrets, and credentials exist. An attacker’s ability to discover these secrets may result in the ability to access keys to additional systems.

“The Praetorian red team had continuously identified hardcode secrets within client environments and leveraged them to access high-value assets. Up until now, the remedial advice had felt lackluster, with procedural and policy-based recommendations. It feels great to now be able to offer a practical solution that empowers organizations to better secure their assets,” said Anthony Paimany, Technical Director for Praetorian.

With the RegEx open-source version, application security engineers, cloud security engineers, site reliability engineers, and developers can quickly find the number of security incidents and their location, avoiding what is currently a manual, time-consuming process. The company also has plans to add additional capabilities to the RegEx version in the months ahead that will allow users to explore or enumerate resources that appear on public git-hub and repositories. Additionally, the newly released version can perform scans 100 times faster than any other tool in the market, with the capability to scan 100 gigabytes of Linux Kernel source history on a laptop in five minutes.

Released by the company earlier this year, Nosey Parker is a module that sits inside the Company’s Chariot Platform and is a machine learning-powered, multi-phase solution for detecting secrets in code. In addition to the open-source RegEx scanner, NoseyParker comes with a machine-learning version (ML) that allows for higher efficacy without pattern limitations. The ML version is available through Praetorian’s Chariot platform and has the potential to find secrets that are difficult or impossible to write precise patterns for.

Paimany unveiled the open-source version of Nosey Parker during BlackHat Europe in an Arsenal Labs track talk titled “Mining for Secrets: Repos, firmware, and more”. To access the Nosey Parker RegEx scanner, visit

Nosey Parker is part of the company’s Chariot platform, the first total attack lifecycle solution featuring an intelligent attack surface management (ASM) platform and offensive security managed services. Using automation and artificial intelligence (AI), the Chariot platform identifies attack surface exposure points using both outside-in (adversarial) and inside-out (cloud-integration) knowledge to prioritize real risk. Praetorian’s “red team” experts then extend the technology by emulating the latest attack techniques to validate compromise paths and integrate seamlessly into customer enterprise security teams to eliminate false positives and speed risk mitigation. The combination of Praetorian’s security engineering and expertise enables overburdened security teams facing talent shortages and rapidly changing internet-based environments to identify, attack, detect, and prevent real compromise within minutes.

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