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Recognizing the increased risk organizations and end-users face, mobile software vendors and business consumers alike are seeking assistance in evaluating the security of their mobile applications. Praetorian's mobile security testing delivers coverage across the complete mobile app environment, from the local app running on-device to the back-end web services and RESTful APIs that power mobile apps off-device.

Praetorian has created a research-driven mobile testing methodology that incorporates guidance from the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard. Using a combination of manual and dynamic analyses along with custom harnesses for automated fuzzing, Praetorian’s mobile security testing provides verification and validation across all major control categories, including authentication, session management, access control, malicious input handling, cryptography at rest, and much more.

Praetorian's research-driven mobile testing methodology is trusted by today's leading organizations, including:

Qualcomm HBO DOW Jones Deliv.co Kabam RetailMeNot

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Identify vulnerabilities in your mobile apps and prioritize remediation with a security evaluation driven by our advanced and proven mobile testing methodology.

  Covers All Major Control Categories

Security verification and validation includes authentication, session management, access control, malicious input handling, cryptography at rest, error handling and logging, data protection, communications security, HTTP security, malicious controls, business logic, file and resource, and other mobile controls.

  Static and Dynamic App Analysis

Our security engineers will verify code at rest and at run-time using both static and dynamic analysis to identify and assess vulnerabilities within your mobile apps and their supporting infrastructure. A whitebox testing approach will benefit from access to developers, documentation, and code.

  Comprehensive Security Analysis

Praetorian takes a holistic approach to security testing for modern day mobile applications. On top of covering all major security control categories, Praetorian identifies today's most prevalent and critical vulnerabilities found in the OWASP Mobile Top 10 and SANS 25.

  On-device and Off-device Testing

Praetorian mobile security assessments take into account all components that drive today's modern mobile applications. Praetorian's mobile security testing offers assessments of both the local mobile app running on-device and the back-end web services that the mobile app communicates with off-device.

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