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Our vision is to bring together the world's expertise to solve challenging security problems. 

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We are fanatical about delivering security solutions and fixated on customer success

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2U Improves Incident Response Preparedness with Tabletops
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Success Story
CISO at 21st Century Fox "Levels Up" Security Defenses
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Learn How Samsung Secures Its End-to-end IoT Platform
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Today's leading organizations trust Praetorian's expertise and integrity

We are solving complex security challenges for the Fortune 1000 and venture-backed startups
"Praetorian's approach was very professional, to the point and comprised of in-depth analysis of the security vulnerabilities, which was greatly beneficial to us."
Fakhr Ul-Islam
Director Product Management IOT
"Praetorian was very quick to respond with quotes, very thorough in their testing procedures, and very accommodating to our schedule limits and tight deadlines. Will be back in touch soon to talk about additional work."
Mark House
Information Security
"I was very happy with the team, everyone was professional, the items found were useful, and I've received positive feedback from others here in engineering."
Mike Yoder
Software Engineer
"Praetorian always considers the broader set of enterprise services we have here at Qualcomm so reports and recommendations can be actionable."
Gabe Lawrence
Senior IT Security Engineer

Measuring client satisfaction

Over the years of serving its customers, Praetorian has achieved an all-time Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88. Our exceptional NPS record is a testament to our culture and the first of our ten core values — “Put the client first. Solving their problem is why we are here.”
Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a survey system used to gauge client satisfaction and happiness. The Net Promoter Score is calculated off of client responses to a single question:

How likely are you to recommend our company to a colleague?

The scoring for this answer is based on a 0 to 10 scale. NPS can be as low as −100 (everyone is a detractor) or as high as +100 (everyone is a promoter). An NPS that is positive (higher than zero) is considered OK and an NPS of +50 is considered excellent. 

We work with clients we believe in and whose values we respect—be they global leaders, startups, or visionaries

Acting as an extension of our clients' internal teams, Praetorian helps solve complex security problems by delivering comprehensive corporate security and product security solutions unified through software. Our clients' security posture continues to improve by leveraging our team's remediation assistance throughout security cycles to ensure successful risk mitigation. Finally, we truly become our clients' partner in security by providing ongoing advisory services that scale with today's growing and dynamic organizational complexities.

Just ask our many extraordinary clients

Our path started with a clear mission, an immutable set of core values, and a monomaniacal focus on the customer
Very skilled, professional, and detail oriented. Did a great job explaining results and the process to create the results, which was extremely helpful.
Director, Information Security
at one of the top-5 largest global media organizations
Praetorian always considers the broader set of enterprise services we have here at Qualcomm so reports and recommendations can be actionable.
Senior IT Security Engineer
at global Fortune 500 American multinational semiconductor
Praetorian was fantastic to work with, and we really appreciate your professionalism and capabilities.
Chief Security Officer (CSO)
at major technology software/hardware vendor serving Fortune 100
Very creative exploitation, excellent communication throughout the project, very thorough testing, and useful, detailed reporting. This was the most successful penetration test we've ever had!
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
at a major payment solution provider
Praetorian has been flexible, fast, and easy to work with.
VP, Application Management
at top global investment management firm
Team was highly skilled, professional, and the reports were well written.
Director of Information Security
at one of the world’s leading publishing companies
Praetorian has met and exceeded my expectations for security professionals, and in my mind, they have set the bar that all vendors will need to meet.
IT Operations Security Administrator
at a publicly traded manufacturing company
Very helpful, responsive and knowledgeable.
Director of Operations
at a software development company
Praetorian was a responsive and professional organization that did a great job on the audit and the relationship management aspect of thing.
CTO & Co-founder
at a high-tech startup company
Consider this as my personal and professional endorsement of Praetorian as an outstanding business partner. We are very pleased with the work performed by praetorian team. The technical knowledge combined with the level of communication praetorian posses was extremely effective.
Senior Manager, Global Information Technology Compliance
at a publicly traded biotechnology company
Prompt responses, clear communication, flexible when environments or issues are encountered that change scope, honest when work is completed quickly and dollars can be saved.
at a major financial institution
Rarely have we been so impressed and pleased with a tech services vendor! Praetorian executed the entire engagement flawlessly, and they gave us a huge push forward in tightening our systems security.
Director, Information Technology
at an internationally recognized institution

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