Mobile Forensics CEO Proposes Controversial Access Tech for Smartphones

Dylan Ayrey, a security engineer with the information security company Praetorian, points out that an iPhone’s lock screen is only the first barrier to its contents. WhatsApp recently announced that it would use end-to-end encryption for all its messaging services. “Encryption is here whether we want it to be or not,” he says. “The landscape […]

5 Ways Cyber Experts Think the FBI Might Have Hacked the San Bernardino iPhone

With the software rejiggered, the FBI could launch a traditional “brute force” attack, employing a software program to rapidly try password combinations until it arrived at the correct one. Since Farook’s iPhone 5C used a four-digit passcode, a program could run through every one of the 10,000 possible password combinations in a matter of minutes. […]