UT Career Expo Fall 2012

Praetorian team members were busy tapping into the infosec talent pool at the University of Texas this week.

Hacking Exposed books, Tech Challenge Cards and Hackers vs. Agents card games littered our booth’s table at this year’s University of Texas Fall Career Expo. A Praetorian warrior proudly displayed on our pop-up display and a banner shouting “Hack ‘em Horns” invited students over for an engaging conversation about careers in information security. The stage was set and we readied ourselves for the thousands of students about to flood in the Expo Hall as the doors opened.

For Praetorian, our Expo experience was broken up into two days. Day one was full of conversations with Computer Science majors and day two brought a wave of Electrical Engineering students to our booth. During the career expo our team passed out tech challenge cards directing students to our online puzzles. The tech challenges have been buzzing with activity over the past 48hrs. Our team has been monitoring challenger activity and we’ve seen some impressive late night effort — with one recruit finishing the most difficult challenge in the series!

The Career Expo was a great success for Praetorian and we were so excited to see the high level of interest in information security coming from the University of Texas. We left the Expo satisfied with the caliber of recruits ready to fill our next wave of summer interns and full-time hires – Hack ‘em Horns!

Praetorian team at UT Career Expo Fall 2012