One of the core decisions we’ve made at Praetorian is to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. In pursuit of this, we carefully select and implement automation and technical solutions for tasks that don’t need human attention. The key is choosing thoughtfully developed tech and tools; when we can’t find what we need, we create it ourselves! Keep an eye on this blog post for direct links to the latest and greatest tools from our Labs experts. 


Tool Release Date: 1/21/2023

In Brief: Finds and attacks GitHub repositories where Source Control Supply Chain misconfigurations are present.

GitHub Repo: Gato

Nosey Parker RegEx

Tool Release Date: 12/9/2022

In Brief: The fastest secrets scanning capability on the market, with a user-friendly reporting format that enables users to find security incidents and their locations quickly, saving them time-consuming manual searches.

GitHub Repo: NoseyParkerRegEx


Tool Release Date: 11/29/2022

In Brief: Automated enumeration and discovery of NTLM authentication endpoints, with a focus on ease of integration (library usage) and installation. We also appreciated the low development cost!

GitHub Repo:  NTLMRecon


Tool Release Date: 9/27/2022

In Brief: A port fingerprinting utility tool useful for fingerprinting common services for both TCP and UDP protocols, with features for performance control and metadata collection.

GitHub Repo:  Fingerprintx


Tool Release Date: 10/14/2021

In Brief: Obtains information about an Istio deployment and reports on misconfigurations or deviations from best practices where possible.

GitHub Repo:  Snowcat