Las vegas

Hey everyone! This week the whole security industry will be in Las Vegas for BlackHat 2012, BSidesLV and Defcon.

As I have done for the past few years, I will be teaching Pentesting with Perl at BlackHat. Pentesting with Perl is a course for anyone that has previously coded in nearly any language but wants to learn how to automate some of the common tasks that need to be performed during a pentest. The major change for this year is the course length, which was moved to two days based on feedback from students. The new schedule will make the class much more enjoyable since there will be more time for things like peer-programming, in-depth discussions of materials as well as code walks (by me and the students). People learn best by doing and that is exactly what this class is all about!

Again, I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas this week. I’m always available on Twitter (@Jabra). Feel free to ping me if you would like to meetup.

Lastly, if you’re interest in our Puzzles, our next challenge is already underway.  Come and find me if you want to try it out firsthand.

See you in Vegas!



Lead by Josh Abraham

The object of the course is to cover many of the tasks that need to be performed during a penetration assessment as well as to improve existing tools and build new tools as needed.

This course will help to streamline much of the tedious aspects of pentesting. We will use Perl to get the job done quickly and effectively. The goal of the course is to help everyone to automate many of the tasks they are performing manually, so that they can focus on more complex issues. The ability to automate tasks is critical to being a successful penetration tester. We need to be spending time on the most complex issues that cannot be tested through the use of automated tools!

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