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We put our customer's security back on the offense.//We prevent breaches by emulating attackers.//We keep you several steps ahead of attackers.//Your offensive security partner.//The vanguard of offensive security.//Active defense through offensive initiative.//The best defense is a good offense.

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Offensive Cybersecurity Services

Locate your material risks before attackers find and exploit them.

Shift from a assume breach mentality to a prevention first strategy with offensive security. From point-in-time support or continuous management, we’ve got you covered.

Proprietary Cybersecurity Technology

Chariot: Our Continuous Offensive Security Platform

Meet our force multiplier: Chariot. Continuous automated security scanning and secret sniffing underpins every engagement, so your team can partner with our experts on the things that matter.

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There are hundreds and thousands of different vulnerabilities. Having Chariot be able to help us filter through that to, ‘here are the 85 issues that really matter:’ that’s, I think, the real power.

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