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We prevent breaches by emulating attackers

Continuous offensive security helps companies shift from a reactive "assume breach" mentality to a prevention-first strategy.

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Platform Your advantage over attackers. The Praetorian Guard.

Powered by the most advanced Offensive Security Platform on the planet. Chariot.

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  • one-lensWe help organizations identity breach-level risks by simulating real-world attacks.
  • vulnerability trackingWe help organizations validate their cyber program’s effectiveness.
  • validateWe optimize and prioritize cybersecurity budget on the initiatives that yield the greatest material risk reduction for the fewest dollars spent
  • customer focusWe augment budget strapped security teams with external security expertise.
  • We help organizations comply with industry regulations by conducting periodic security assessments.
  • We consolidate and reduce spend across multiple product categories wrapped in a turnkey managed service
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WHAT WE DO Praetorian's mission is to prevent breaches before they occur.

By actively seeking out vulnerabilities and addressing potential weaknesses before attackers have the opportunity to exploit them, businesses can stay ahead of cyber adversaries. By staying ahead of emerging threats, organizations can maintain a strong security posture and avoid the high costs associated with a data breach.

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