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Our vision is to bring together the world's expertise to solve challenging security problems. 

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Today's CISO Faces Many Challenges

  • Balancing risk, resilience, usability, and price
  • Gaining more control, but only over what matters
  • Modernizing the enterprise, while enhancing protection
  • Addressing security talent gaps and skills shortage
  • Expanding visibility into what is happening
  • Qualifying technology across extreme vendor sprawl

Corporate Security Solutions

Our solutions enable enterprise clients to find, fix, stop, and ultimately solve cybersecurity problems

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We help business leaders address security challenges across the skills shortage, cloud migrations, and rapid shift to detection and response.

In collaboration with its Fortune 500 customers, Praetorian has designed a full coverage corporate security program tailored to meet the unique needs of today’s business leaders.

Praetorian acts as an extension of your team, offering deep security expertise to help find, fix, stop, and ultimately solve cybersecurity problems across your enterprise. The goal of our services is to provide your security team the leverage it needs to properly secure and defend the organization.

We provide leverage for each phase of your IT security lifecycle:

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A systematic approach for improving information security over time

In today’s environment of talent shortages, technology sprawl, sophisticated adversaries, advanced malware, and network complexity, making informed decisions about information security is increasingly challenging. There is an ever-growing array of threats and scenarios that need to be considered, and an equivalent number of products and methodologies promising to help. Sifting through all the noise to identify what investments actually provide leverage in reducing risk, can be difficult, if not impossible.

To help our clients address this challenge, Praetorian offers a suite of services that deliver systematic improvement to information security, all guided by a risk-informed methodology. Praetorian partners with its clients to develop an actionable road map for strategic security maturity, which prepares organizations to better prevent, detect, and respond to advanced security threats.

Praetorian Guard Protection™ Solution Benefits

  • ‍Put the NIST Cybersecurity Framework into action
  • Design “Zero Trust” networks, such as Google BeyondCorp
  • Select and deploy cloud-first, best-of-breed security solutions
  • Improve detection and response with exercises using MITRE ATT&CK™
  • Stress test your capabilities against red team operations
  • Retain experienced incident response support
Incident Response Services
Praetorian Guard Protection™

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"Praetorian's approach was very professional, to the point and comprised of in-depth analysis of the security vulnerabilities, which was greatly beneficial to us."
Fakhr Ul-Islam
Director Product Management IOT
"Praetorian was very quick to respond with quotes, very thorough in their testing procedures, and very accommodating to our schedule limits and tight deadlines. Will be back in touch soon to talk about additional work."
Mark House
Information Security
"I was very happy with the team, everyone was professional, the items found were useful, and I've received positive feedback from others here in engineering."
Mike Yoder
Software Engineer
"Praetorian always considers the broader set of enterprise services we have here at Qualcomm so reports and recommendations can be actionable."
Gabe Lawrence
Senior IT Security Engineer