“Always a New Challenge to Work On”: 2022 Summer Internship Program

At Praetorian, we’ve never asked interns to file or fetch coffee. How boring would that be, and what a waste of curiosity and talent! Instead, we focus on providing actual work experience and teaching hard skills our interns can’t learn in a classroom. In fact, we go above and beyond to give our interns practical […]

The Student’s Guide to Navigating a Virtual Job Search

virtual interview

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the traditional workplace and thrust us into a “future workforce,” nearly overnight. We went from onsite college recruiting fairs and conferences to virtual everything. Long-standing tips and recommendations for new grads may no longer be applicable as we embark on this uncharted territory. While the business world continues to […]

Praetorian hits the University of Texas Career Expo – Hack ’em Horns

career fair

Hacking Exposed books, Tech Challenge Cards and Hackers vs. Agents card games littered our booth’s table at this year’s University of Texas Fall Career Expo. A Praetorian warrior proudly displayed on our pop-up display and a banner shouting “Hack ‘em Horns” invited students over for an engaging conversation about careers in information security. The stage was set and we readied ourselves for the thousands of students about to flood in the Expo Hall as the doors opened.