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Unveiling the Invisible

Challenges with Detecting Exploitable Vulnerabilities in Large Environments

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You can’t protect what you can’t see.

Today’s organizations continue to face a rapidly expanding attack surface that extends far beyond the traditional network perimeter. Although attack surface management and vulnerability scanning tools are effective at detecting certain kinds of assets and vulnerabilities, they do not catch everything. Naturally, attackers constantly adapt their techniques to focus on the types of assets and vulnerabilities that typically evade detection. This dynamic requires a shift toward continuous security testing to uncover the blind spots in your security defenses.
Unfortunately, many continuous security solutions do not scale to an enterprise level. In large environments, continuous tools, such as automated vulnerability scanners and attack surface management platforms, struggle to efficiently detect exploitable vulnerabilities with an acceptable signal-to-noise ratio. As a result, security teams often struggle with:

  • Lack of insight into dynamic attack surfaces, such as cloud compute instances.
  • Overwhelming numbers of false positives and alerts to manually triage.
  • Lag between the release of a novel vulnerability and an effective detection mechanism.

Watch the webinar to explore 5 common challenges with running automated vulnerability scanners and attack surface management solutions at scale and Praetorian’s solutions to each of these challenges.

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