Listen to Praetorian IoT business lead, Paul Jauregui, sits down with Bruce Sinclair for an interview on “The IoT Inc Business Show“. Operating at the epicenter of both IoT and Security provides Praetorian with a unique and valuable prospective, which we enjoy sharing with audiences. In this episode of Bruce’s podcast we discuss end-to-end IoT penetration testing and other things enterprise IoT business leaders need to know about when working with an external security assessment firm. Listen to this episode to gain confidence that your Internet of Things devices and data are secure.

Topics covered in the interview include:
  • ‍Data as an asset class that needs to be managed and protected.
  • The different forms of penetration testing.
  • The discovery and reconnaissance phases of pen testing and how much information is freely available online.
  • The time and money typically required to do a cyber security assessment.
  • Relating security spend to potential loss.
  • What you need to do before engaging with a security assessment firm.