Every medical device your organization produces will handle sensitive medical data and directly impact patient health. Severe vulnerabilities can arise anywhere along the transmission flow from the hardware itself to backend systems or other data aggregation points. You need assurance that the data your medical device ecosystem handles–whether your own corporate secrets or confidential patient information–is as secure as possible every step along the way. You also need to prove that your products meet FDA requirements for pre- and post-market submissions.

At Praetorian, we provide a timely, tailored, and thorough assessment of your product’s cybersecurity from the backend to the user interface and everywhere in between. We have industry-specific experience involving medical devices in a premarket or postmarket setting. You can rely on us to emulate attackers to provide you with an offensive perspective and direct, actionable feedback on what we find. Our team focuses on delivering the best possible client experience while partnering with you to strengthen your security posture.

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