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Security Program Strategy

Plan, set, and achieve program goals through IT security governance using NIST CSF

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Evaluate your security program using NIST CSF

Identify current and future target state to reveal gaps in your security program and inform your security roadmap.

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We help you put the NIST Cybersecurity Framework into action

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) provides a governance model that helps evaluate cybersecurity practices, establish or improve a cybersecurity program, and inform your security roadmap and buying decisions.

Praetorian’s approach provides “ground truth” on an organization’s current cybersecurity posture (current state), and where the organization should be based on its threat profile (target state). A threat profile is established by examining an organization’s operations, industry vertical, technology profile, and likely adversaries. From that analysis, we provide a comprehensive set of actionable recommendations to move the organization forward in the short, medium, and long term.

CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls

The current state profile, based on an organization’s current security posture, is determined by examining the technical, procedural, and organizational implementation of the CSC Top 20 security controls. These controls have been mapped to the NIST CSF and provide a practical way to identify an organization’s benchmark level.

Comparison of the current profile and target profile reveals gaps that must be addressed in order to meet cybersecurity risk management objectives. Based on these gaps, Praetorian will provide an action plan to address the security program’s shortcomings and build a road map for the organization to achieve risk management success.

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"Praetorian's approach was very professional, to the point and comprised of in-depth analysis of the security vulnerabilities, which was greatly beneficial to us."
Fakhr Ul-Islam
Director Product Management IOT
"Praetorian was very quick to respond with quotes, very thorough in their testing procedures, and very accommodating to our schedule limits and tight deadlines. Will be back in touch soon to talk about additional work."
Mark House
Information Security
"I was very happy with the team, everyone was professional, the items found were useful, and I've received positive feedback from others here in engineering."
Mike Yoder
Software Engineer
"Praetorian always considers the broader set of enterprise services we have here at Qualcomm so reports and recommendations can be actionable."
Gabe Lawrence
Senior IT Security Engineer