Why choose Praetorian?

Highly technical talent

Praetorian is a collective of highly technical engineers and developers with decades of security industry experience. Our people are the top 5% – software developers, computer scientists, and electrical engineers recognized as researchers, open source developers, speakers, and authors. Our enthusiasm for security is tangible and is a major reason our team stays together – another benefit to our clients who value having consistency in service delivery year after year.

Powered by an engineering culture

The value we provide stems directly from our engineering culture – a relentless pursuit of efficiency and continuous improvement in all operations. Much of that value is on display during engagements through our proprietary methodologies, industry leading toolsets, and comprehensive deliverables. Further, our operational efficiencies allow us to pass on cost-savings to you, our client.

Delivering unbiased expertise

Our singular focus on information security consulting delivers unbiased expertise. We do not sell or develop products – when you hire Praetorian for a security engagement you will receive a truly independent third party opinion. Further, as a profitable since inception, privately held corporation with no outside investors, Praetorian answers only to our clients.

Our mission is long-term and absolute.

Our vision is to bring together the world's expertise to solve challenging Security problems.

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