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Assess Susceptibility to Compromise

Prevent attacks before they happen by identifying weak points before attackers do.

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How it Works

Our customer CISOs are responsible for preventing compromise and establishing policies, tools, and teams to do so. Unfortunately, even the brightest flashlight only illuminates where it is aimed. In order to point it in the right direction, you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Determine the susceptibility of compromise based on a few key factors that Chariot can address

  • What do you have - inside and out?

    Chariot scans external sources along with your internally facing assets to give you a complete picture.

  • How would attackers get in?

    Chariot runs a variety of vulnerability scans but more importantly looks for specific attack paths that attackers would use to gain access to your assets.

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    What should you prioritize?

    Chariot’s team of experts looks at each security exposure to ensure you are focusing your resources on fixing the right ones in the right order to give yourself the best chances at preventing compromise.

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Every feature and service we build is oriented around finding the most impactful issues as quickly as possible and making them actionable and seamless to fix.

Discover your attack surface now.

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