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Reduce Exposure to Ransomware Attacks

Emulate attack paths from real attackers.

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Ransomware is everywhere.

A new flaw, vulnerability, or threat emerges seemingly every week. Malicious actors have one common practice regardless of whether they are nation-states, hacktivists, or anything else: they take the path of least resistance. It’s not just about the findings that you find in a few systems, it’s about how they chain together to create an entry point. Emulation of attack paths is the only reliable way to flag potential entry points for critical assets. After doing this for our customers in Red Teams for a decade, we pulled our expertise into a platform so we could do it affordably, constantly for all of them.

Discover the Benefits of Chariot

  • Continuous Discovery

    Scans external domains and internal code repositories to give you a live, complete picture.

  • Vulnerability heatmap

    Determine the areas of interest to investigate where attackers would likely be interested.

  • Exploit and attack

    Operators review the heatmap, combine issues using their expertise, and give you immediate insight into what attackers would try.

Other Use Cases We put the customer first

Every feature and service we build is oriented around finding the most impactful issues as quickly as possible and making them actionable and seamless to fix.

Discover your attack surface now.

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