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Reduce Bug Bounty Program Costs

External parties have half the information we do and none of the skin in the game.

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What are the downsides to using bug bounties?

Costs spiral out of control quickly and you can end up overpaying for insight that doesn’t match your risk profile. Bounty seekers are usually looking for the quickest payday rather than your most critical issues. They are operating with the same fog of war as an attacker but won’t be as ruthless in applying techniques outside of the rules of engagement that an attacker would not hesitate to use, like social engineering to gain access to internal assets.

Discover the Benefits of Chariot

  • Inside + Out

    Arm the team on your side with an advantage so you have a shot at defeating attackers.

  • Slack Screenshot

    Trusted Team

    While bug bounty hunters are helping you indirectly, they aren’t working for you in the way the Praetorian Guard does side by side.

  • Filtering

    Risk Informed

    As career operators with Engineering backgrounds, we factor your real risk and priorities into everything we do. This means less noise, only signal.

Other Case Studies We put the customer first

Every feature and service we build is oriented around finding the most impactful issues as quickly as possible and making them actionable and seamless to fix.

Discover your attack surface now.

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